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New Issue of "Bravissimo"



Have you missed “Bravissimo”? If so, you should be happy to know that the new issue of the magazine is already available. As usual, it includes articles about theatres of the world, unique personalities of opera and ballet and other interesting subjects – for instance, in this issue we’re offering an unexpected look into the phenomenon of dandyism.

“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art” – this charming quote by Oscar Wilde begins Laūra Karnavičiūtė’s article “The Unbearable Lightness of Boredom”. While we’re waiting for LNOBT’s newest premiere of P. Tchaikovsky’s opera “Eugene Onegin”, the author analyzes the peculiarities of Onegin’s character and reveals the meaning of being a dandy. Witty insights on dandyism are also offered by the expert of etiquette Giedrius Drukteinis.

In this issue of “Bravissimo” we’re also remembering the most beautiful moments from the “Švyturiai” Awards and introducing the winners. Best opera soloists of the year Sigutė Stonytė and Vaidas Vyšniauskas discuss their roles that were acknowledged as best works in the sphere of opera – Otello and Desdemona in G. Verdi’s “Otello”, a production directed by Eimuntas Nekrošius (“Beacons of Fiery Joy: Sigutė Stonytė and Vaidas Vyšniauskas” by Laūra Karnavičiūtė). Helmutas Šabasevičius is writing about ballerina Olga Konošenko who was awarded as the Best Female Ballet Soloist of the Year (“To the Heights of Ballet – Through Hard Work and Determination”), while Jūratė Terleckaitė interviews Martynas Rimeikis, Best Male Ballet Soloist of the Year, and Kipras Chlebinskas, Ballet Hope of the Year (“Martynas Rimeikis: ‘Ballet is Creativity, not Only Impressive Jumps’”, “Kipras Chlebinskas: ‘I Grew Up at the Theatre’”).

The diva of Lithuanian opera Ms. Irena Milkevičiūtė shall soon celebrate her anniversary, thus on 20 April the LNOBT is dedicating the performance of R. Wagner’s “The Valkyrie” to her – the soprano herself shall sing the role of Brunnhilde. Author Audronė Juozauskaitė is talking to Ms. Milkevičiūtė about professional longevity in her interview titled “Irena Milkevičiūtė: There are no Secondary Roles When One Lives in Music”.

While remembering our grand artists, we’re also offering you a chance to get to know the young generation of singers – this time we’re introducing the young and talented male soprano Viktoras Gerasimovas (“Singing is not Only About the Voice” by Laūra Karnavičiūtė).

“Bravissimo” is also taking a look into foreign theatres – this time we’re visiting the National Opera of Lyon (an article by Kamilė Rupeikaitė), that attracts visitors with its colourful activities (the theatre presents opera productions, jazz concerts, exhibitions, etc.) and refurbished historical building. Back home in Lithuania, the Kaunas State Musical Theatre is introducing its Chief Conductor Julius Geniušas, who is celebrating his 50th anniversary (“Anniversary Gesture is Like a Heritage” by Alina Ramanauskienė). Our reviews include impressions from “Candide” (“Candide, or Optimism” by Beata Baublinskienė) and “I Lituani” (“Concert Performance of ‘I Lituani’ by Živilė Ramoškaitė). Author Zita Abramavičiūtė presents an article about legendary soloist Vincentas Kuprys, who is celebrating his 75th Anniversary, while musicologist Edmundas Gedgaudas remembers the late conductor Rimas Geniušas (“Lux Aeterna”). “Bravissimo” also contains a few letters by Lithuanian bass Antanas Kučingis, written during his exile in Siberia (prepared by Kristina Mikuličiūtė-Vaitkūnienė).

Our new section “The Little Encyclopedia of ‘Bravissimo’” shall introduce you to Commedia dell’arte, from which the European comic opera gained its characters, intrigues and plots (an article by Eglė Valantinienė, music teacher of the Kaunas‘ 1st Music School, and her pupils). The magazine shall also include repertoires of the LNOBT and the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society.

And finally, a surprise: from now on you can receive the “Bravissimo” magazine for free – the new issues shall be available at the theatre for everyone to take. You’re also welcome to become a subscriber and receive the magazine by post.


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