Opera Probation Programme

One of LNOBT‘s priorities is the integration of young opera singers into the repertoire of the theatre. To achieve this, we introduced the Opera Probation Programme, which has now been running for seven years already. The goal of the programme is to help talented soloists who graduated from vocal performance studies to become part of LNOBT‘s Opera Company. Participants of the programme are selected during the annual audition for opera soloists. Then, during the year, the participants work together with vocal coaches, accompanists, specialists of scenic speech and acting.

In 2019-2020 Opera Probation Programme is educating Ieva Juozapaitytė (soprano), Monika Pleškytė (soprano), Gabrielė Kiršaitė (mezzo-soprano), Juozas Janužas (tenor) and Arminas Skirvainis (baritone) – they shall be studying with famous opera soloists prof. Sigutė Stonytė, prof. Vladimiras Prudnikovas and Arūnas Malikėnas.   

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