For children

Music for Tiny Ears II

Januray 30, 2020 February 11, 2020
LNOBT Chamber hall
Music for Tiny Ears II


Set designer
Gintarė Jonaitytė

In December 2018 Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre launched its new cycle of chamber music concerts Music for Tiny Ears, intended for babies. The little ones and their parents may enjoy a jolly programme prepared by LNOBT Symphony Orchestra‘s string quartet: Vitalija Makrickienė (I violin), Ginta Kriščiūnaitė (II violin), Mantas Makrickas (alto) and Mykolas Rutkauskas (cello). While arranging the programme of Music for Tiny Ears, musicians researched recommendations by the experts of educology and also delved into their own experience as parents – all musicians have pre-school children in their families and are very familiar with the ways small children react towards music. The host of Music for Tiny Ears, actor and dancer Tomas Dapšauskas is also the father of three children.   

All performers of the concerts are wearing bright, cheerful costumes that immediately attract babies’ attention. Music for Tiny Ears’ running time is 50 minutes, and yet, no one gets bored: during the concert all babies are welcome to move around freely on a huge soft carpet, made especially for this project. The carpet is being carefully cleaned with hypoallergenic cleansers. The “active” zone for listeners is surrounded with bean bag chairs, and there is also a possibility to use the baby changing table. During the concert all baby trolleys may be left safely at the foyer of the theatre. Once the weather gets cold, Music for Tiny Ears is performed at LNOBT’s Chamber Hall, and during warmer days babies and their parents are welcome at the Red Foyer.

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