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LNOBT Main Stage
An opera in 3 acts. Running time: 4.30 hrs


Richard Strauss
Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Damiano Michieletto
Music director and conductor
Sesto Quatrini
Ričardas Šumila, Julius Geniušas
Set Designer
Paolo Fantin
Costume Designer
Agostino Cavalca
Lighting Designer
Alessandro Carletti
Elisa Zaninotto
Assistant to the Director
Eleonora Gravagnola
Assistant to the Set Designer
Piero de Francesco
Assistant to the Costume Designer
Chiara Amaltea Ciarelli

LNOBT begins the new 2021–2022 season with what is perhaps the most ambitious project in its history – the premiere of Richard Strauss' opera “Der Rosenkavalier”. Created in 1911, this wonderful masterpiece is one of the greatest achievements of the German, and at the same time European opera in general; now, it is being produced in Lithuania for the first time. Director Damiano Michieletto and the entire creative team work on the world's most famous theatre stages, including La Scala, Metropolitan Opera, Sydney, Rome, London, Berlin or Zurich. Moreover, the director's name is currently among the five of the most popular opera directors of our time.

“Der Rosenkavalier” by R. Strauss and the author of the libretto H. von Hofmannsthal is a charming comedy of love, gallantry, misunderstandings, secret desires and social dignity, but first and foremost this work idealizes a great civilization, the Vienna of the 18th century, the capital of a powerful empire. The action takes place during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa. The intrigue seems to be the usual one, reminiscent of “Le nozze di Figaro”: a wealthy man tries to marry his young daughter to a noble elderly baron with financial difficulties, but true love destroys their plans. However, the central figure in this opera is the character of Marschallin, who, just like Countess in “Le nozze di Figaro”, embodies everything that is serious in this comic opera… “Der Rosenkavalier” is a universe of waltz, full of the spirit of Vienna, the aristocracy, elegance, grace and subtle humor of this fascinating center of music culture.

According to director Damiano Michieletto, “the main theme of this work is the sensation of the passage of time, the fear of getting old, not being able to feel, the fear of not being loved or attractive. Marschallin‘s words are heard in the opera: "We are still looking for last year's snow, as if we are looking for what is no longer there, what has already melted". If I had to choose the most important symbol of this production, I would choose white colour: it is the colour of purity, of snow. It is a metaphor for the passage of time. We do not want to die, we want to live forever, we are always looking for what we have already lost, experiences that have been taken away from us over time. It's about the fate of each one of us, isn't it?”

Premiere: 3 September 2021