For children


March 05, 2023 March 26, 2023
LNOBT Main Stage
An opera in 2 acts for children. Running time 1.35 hrs.


David Sebba
Music director and conductor
Martynas Staškus
Adomas Jankovič
Gad Schechter
Choreographer, Asistant to the Director
Jūratė Sodytė
Set Designer
Gintarė Jonaitytė
Costume Designer
Marta Vosyliūtė
Lighting Designer
Andrius Ringevičius

Who as a child didn’t dream of going with little Alice on an adventurous trip to a rabbit cave? To become small, then big, meet the constantly rushing Rabbit, the smiling, the emerging, the disappearing Cheshire cat, the wise Caterpillar or the ruling Queen of Hearts - to experience everything as an endless adventure in Wonderland! This magical place is waiting for you at the premiere of the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, in the opera for the entire family “Alice in Wonderland” by the Israeli composer David Sabba. Director Gad Schechter from Israel, conductors Martynas Staškus and Adomas Jankovič, artists Gintarė Jonaitytė, Marta Vosyliūtė and Andrius Ringevičius create a cheerful and colourful story on the theatre stage, and dances for all characters are created by choreographer Jūratė Sodytė. Composer D. Sabba says that his opera is about children who are endowed with imagination, who like to dream, and when such children grow up, they eventually become Mozarts and Edisons. However, although it is an opera about children, director G. Schechter emphasizes that it is a performance for the whole family - it speaks about meaningful things that will be important for the parents as well. So, let’s all travel with Alice to Wonderland!