For children

Penki Merės stebuklai (2017)

An opera in 2 acts for children, sung in Lithuanian
Penki Merės stebuklai (2017)


Raminta Šerkšnytė
Ramutė Skučaitė
Kęstutis S. Jakštas
Music director and conductor
Julius Geniušas
Set Designer
Gintaras Makarevičius
Costume designer
Julija Skuratova
Lighting designer
Audrius Jankauskas
Vaizdo projekcijų autorius
Rimas Sakalauskas
Dainius Bervingis
Chorus Master
Česlovas Radžiūnas

It is a vivacious opera for the entire family about the mysterious nanny Mary Poppins, who has some magical abilities. The production tells a story about miracles (the big and small moments of our fleeting lives) to the younger audience, and does that in a simple and engrossing manner. The libretto of this Lithuanian opera was written by poetess Ramutė Skučaitė. She based her text on the stories by Pamela Travers and offered her own perception of Mary Poppins.

It is no accident that the wind blows Mary to the house of Ben family at the moment, when they need her the most – Mrs. Ben cannot find a suitable nanny for her five naughty children. The five stories of the opera showcase characters that are easily recognizable in our everyday lives – we meet the petulant Mrs. Ben, the unhappy Vincent, the humble Male Nanny and many others. Although the general atmosphere of this spectacle is exuberant, it also hides an important message: joy and sorrow, major and minor – they always travel together! (Composer Raminta Šerkšnytė)

Premiere: 4 March 2017

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