LNOBT Main Stage
An opera in 2 acts sung in Lithuanian


Eduardas Balsys
Gytis Padegimas
Music Director
Tomas Ambrozaitis
Set designer
Birutė Ukrinaitė

The first and, up to this point, singular premiere of E. Balsys’ opera Journey to Tilžė was presented in 1980 in Vilnius, and the Opera and Ballet Theatre. In November 2019, this national work will be unveiled at the Klaipėda State Musical Theatre after almost four decades. Its presentation will conclude a cycle of events dedicated to the anniversary of composer Eduardas Balsys (1919-1984), thus the premiere of Journey to Tilžė will also contribute to the promotion of his work.

Opera Journey to Tilžė is based upon a short story of the same name written by famous German novelist and dramatist Hermann Sudermann (1857-1928), who was born in the village of Macikai near Šilutė. The storyline reveals to us a tragic love triangle. In a village of fishermen there once lived a beautiful, hard-working family: father Ansas, mother Indrė and their three children. They calmly led their lives until the appearance of a newly hired Bušė – a girl completely different from the quiet and tranquil Indrė. Bušė not only mesmerized Ansas, but also convinced him to drown Indrė in the river Nemunas during their journey to Tilžė. Bušė’s cruel plan fails: during the journey Ansas suddenly realizes that his wife is the most wonderful and beautiful woman in the world.

Opera Journey to Tilžė is not so much about conquered distances, but about the inner journey of a human being - it is a symbol of spiritual travelling, and one of the most beautiful depictions of the process in Lithuanian literature and opera.

LNOBT’s audience shall have a possibility to witness the third premiere of E. Balsys’ only opera.

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