LNOBT Main Stage
A ballet in 2 acts. Running time: 2 hrs.


Piotr Čaikovskij
Michael Auer
Choreographer and Director
Mário Radačovský
Set Designer
Marek Hollý
Costume Designer
Patricia Barker

National Theatre Brno

Black and White is essentially a contemporary, adapted version of the flagship of the classical repertoire – Swan Lake. However this version, which had great success in the USA, represents today’s world. The work attempts to bring to the younger generation a different point of view, contradicting all traditions and as such visually reshaping Swan Lake.

In this production the story is told through the main character of Prince Siegfried, who is going through a difficult life situation associated with the treatment of a serious illness – cancer. Sometimes one second is enough, and life is turned upside down. Siegfried is searching for himself in the beauty of the fair and almost perfect creature that is a swan. Just like the Prince in the classic version of the story, he also faces a choice. White or Black... Is the colour of white really so innocent or is it far more dangerous than black? Based on the belief that retelling a classical work in a modern context is not disrespectful but rather effective, the value of the work remains intact. Only the interpretation changes since each period in time requires a new perspective.

National Theatre Brno belongs to the largest leading theatres in the middle Europe. The rich and inspiring artistic history, world-class opera, ballet and drama are a source of high quality and vibrant contemporary theatre. National Theatre Brno is a successful producer of three international theatre festivals. All this represents a huge potential for international cooperation.


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